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  • Bakery croissants, baguette, madeleine, muffin
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Samaria Cafe

About Us

About Our Amazing Team at Samaria Cafe in Tampa

The homey atmosphere is complemented by the effervescent staff ready to provide quick, unrivaled service. Whether you are downtown for business, strolling the Tampa Riverwalk, enjoying Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, or experiencing the city for the first time, Samaria cafe is a must. As recommended by US News' Travel guide as one of the top spots to grab a bite in Tampa, Samaria cafe is definitely a crowd-pleaser. So, grab a quick seat at the coffee bar, cozy up in the interior dining room, or relax at an outdoor table underneath the urban oak canopy. Wherever you chose, you will surely be satisfied.

Our Menu And Our Team Keeps on Growing

Particularly fond of cooking and social relations, they are also very attached to family and respect values and intend to maintain a warm harmony at Samaria Cafe. Thierry, a former Italian chef, pays particular attention to monitoring the kitchen's quality and organization. And Karine, for her part, a former nurse at the hospitals of Lyon, takes care of the personalized welcome of each client, with particular attention to children. Every day, Thierry and Karine are supported by a strong, unified, and conscientious team. For many years, Terry, a member of the team, is now the manager and helps Karine and Thierry in managing the Samaria Cafe. Maintaining the menu is evident to the owners, fans of American culture. However, they also try to bring in new ideas by building on the many ideas of customers. Grateful for their project's success, Thierry and Karine can also count on a great clientele, generous, motivating, and warm.